Alex To

Alexander (Alex) To is an 19 year old Vietnamese-American who is a member of the world elite group chat D E M B O Y Z and graduate of Pflugerville High School. He was a member of the percussion (PIT) section of the marching band for 4 years and became Section Leader his senior year. He finished in the top quarter of the class of 2016 and is currently at ACC with intent to transfer. He is known to be one of the more edgy D E M B O Y Z members often telling puns, jokes, and other edgy stuff. He is known to be quite the talented League of Legends ADC and recently joined the group's Fantasy Football League for the first year.


Alex went to Pflugerville Middle School alongside many D E M B O Y Z members. He joined percussion in 6th grade alongside Willie Scott. Later at Pflugerville High School, Alex finished his first year in the top 10 percent. However, due to his lack of interest and habit of sleeping in class, he didn't finish in the top 10 percent, but he still showed academic promise if he puts in effort. Alex was a member of the percussion section in marching band, specializing in marimba and other keyboard instruments. Being one of the best percussionist overall, he made wind ensemble every year. He later became the section leader of the Front Ensemble his senior year. He is currently at ACC with intent to transfer to UT Austin in the future. He has menitoned pharmacy as a possible major.


Alex has a similar personality to fellow chat member Paton LaBelle, he can be very spontaneous and unpredictable. He is very charismatic, but not in a gay way like Andres. We can disregard the fact that he has a t-shirt that says "20 dollars is 20 dollars" because Alex is cool and totally not gay. He once went on a seemingly endless pizza pun rampage during a band trip in Chicago. He often has the best jokes and puns of the group. Alex is into video games, primarily League of Legends as well as some other games. He recently followed sports, or at least fantasy football more closely this year. He was also part of the dance group, New Dimension, as part of the school's talent show. Alex also shows loyalty to his friends, as he attends most of the D E M B O Y Z events.

" I would describe Alex as the Life of the party, you want Alex to be there because you never know what he will do next. You'll just have a good time with this guy and that's why everyone likes him"- William C. Scott

Alex has been proven to be talented in multiple aspects including academics, but it depends on if he feels like doing it or not. Some of his tiredness might be from playing that dank Solo Queue or whatever League has now well into the night. He is also currently in a relationship with Tony Ho.

Famous quotes:

" Hey man that pun was pretty..... Cheesy"

"C'mon man don't be gay, let me suck your dick"

"Gronk has let me down all year"

"Andres wtf"

"Anyone want to play league?"


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